UI/UX Design for mobile app

Kickoff Questions

1)  "Is there domain specific knowledge to know? "
2)  "What are the challenges we will face moving forward?"
3) "What do our users need the most in a product like this?"
4) "Who is our primary audience?"

Project Overview

In many cities of India, there are local bus services, which have multiple buses and routes. Every city with these services has a particular name like BRTS is for Ahmedabad city. Routebee is a must-have application for every BRTS commuter. This app has all the necessary features for any new BRTS commuter needed. Users can plan their journey easily, efficiently and get notified by the BRTS stop alerts during the journey.


Meet the users

user persona
user persona
pen and paper wireframe

P&P Wireframes

This is a tiny portion of Pen paper based basic wireframe sketches. This brings the rough ideas to design our actual prototypes. After studying requirements and user flow these sketches were designed



Prototype with connections


I am a passionate UI/UX designer, based in India with experience in delivering UX/UI design for software products. I'm enthusiastic about improving the lives of others through design and constantly looking to learn new things everyday.